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Arrested in Las Vegas? Let us take it from here…

For more than four decades we have been fighting to keep our clients out of jail and to secure the best available outcome in their matters. Whereas many local lawyers are new in town, our two-person legal team of John J. Momot and Yi Lin Zheng boasts 50 years of combined criminal defense experience right here in Las Vegas. Every judge and prosecutor throughout Clark County knows and respects us, and our exceptional reputation can only benefit our clients’ cases.

Often our legal team can secure a significant charge reduction or complete dismissal without resorting to trial. But if litigation proves necessary, our attorneys are proven courtroom veterans with numerous "not guilty" verdicts and hung juries to our credit. We can represent you whether you live in Nevada or out-of-state, and in most cases you may never have to personally appear in court. Our firm defends people facing every type of felony and misdemeanor charge in Nevada. Just some of the matters we handle involve:

·       Assault/ Battery

·       Burglary

·       Casino Markers

·       Domestic Violence

·       Drug offenses (Possession, Sale, Transport, Trafficking)

·       DUI

·       Federal offenses

·       Firearms/ Weapons offenses

·       Homicide

·       Rape

·       Solicitation

·       Theft/ Robbery/ Larceny

·       Traffic Tickets

It’s important to remember that an arrest, citation or summons is only the very start of a criminal case. Being accused of breaking the law does not necessarily mean you’ll get convicted, especially if you have strong defense counsel advocating on your behalf. Learn more about the renowned Las Vegas criminal defense attorney team of John Momot, Esq. and Yi Lin Zheng, Esq.

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